White October

Travelling is in many ways wonderful but it is usually hopeless to get some regular exercise. Sure you are walking around a lot every day, but is that enough? Both of us miss the usual exercise we get at home.

October starts with the usual enquiry from one of Johanna's former colleges - it's time for "White October". During one month you are supposed to break one of your bad habits, it can be eating too much sugar, smoking, sleeping too little or anything you might think of. Since we are out travelling this year we though a perfect challenge would be to get regular exercise for a month. Something we both have missed and that would make us feel better if we managed to achieve.

So we decided to set up a small exercise routine that we could do at least twice a week. When travelling you do not really have your usual equipment, so we made some exercises of what we had: "Leg work with backpack", "Biceps curl with tent" and "Sit up with sunglasses" are some of our favourites. But I guess we will also take advantages of some of the free outdoor gyms they have in the parks.

We also made a goal to stress less. We have been travelling quite quickly through Eastern Europe and also Armenia, just staying a couple of days at each place. All new impressions take a lot of energy. So instead of trying to go to all of the amazing places in Iran that we have been recommended, we have chosen a few and spent some more time there trying not to stress at all. Today we will take a slow morning and then head north to the mountains.

With hope for a successful "White October" challenge - keep up the good work!

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Why a Honeyyear?

The honeyyear is part of our ambition to live a more sustainable life. We want to explore the world, enjoy the amazing things in life and grow as human beings - all in a sustainable way. Travelling the old silk road by train will be a great adventure to start with! Read more here >>

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