"I remember when one day in October someone called me in the early morning on my cell-phone saying that she has guided a beautiful and interesting couple from Yerevan to Gyumri and that they want to talk with me to know where to come.............. that was Johanna's voice :))) The visit matched with the City day celebration events and the Rock Festival in Gyumri. During these 2 days, we have visited many Armenian churches, museums and have seen "Black Castle" in Gyumri when attending Rock Festival. Was really amazing also the day when we have tried to teach you Armenian national dances ... I remember also the evenings at home: when you have tried first-time Armenian bread "Lavash" and I promised to send you the recipe.This memory wall helped to remember also about it ))) I will keep my promise and will send you via message ... And I want to add also that your trip is an example how to achieve a sustanable development. And it would be really nice if here in Armenia other couples also follow your example when choosing to travel around the world. Best Regards, One of your Armenian friends"

Siranush, Armenia

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