Our Honeyyear in Numbers

How do you summarise a really long journey? There is so much to say and reflect upon, but the first questions we have received back home is about the details. So with a special thought to all our engineering friends, here is a summary of our travels in numbers ;)

In 247 days we have visited 18 countries on 4 continents, travelling by 11 different means of communication in a total of 570 hours. We have spent 140 hours on trains, 95 on busses, 83 on ferries, 50 in shared taxis and 27 hitch-hiking. We have met 55 new friends, written 27 blog posts, stayed over at people's homes 29 times and used 20 different currencies.

We have travelled half way around the globe just counting the kilometers on land and sea. Our carbon footprint is in level with the Swedish average due to the flights. Transportation only is in total 11 ton for both of us, which we compensated by investing in 38 ton of emission reductions (we over estimated since you never know how they calculate those things). In the end we used up most of our travel budget (about €20 000) even though we hitch-hiked 15 times and walked 30 km by foot ;)

Of course there are a trillion other numbers connected to our travels, but I’m not doing any tables or statistic charts, because you know.. we are still on vacation!

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Why a Honeyyear?

The honeyyear is part of our ambition to live a more sustainable life. We want to explore the world, enjoy the amazing things in life and grow as human beings - all in a sustainable way. Travelling the old silk road by train will be a great adventure to start with! Read more here >>

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